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Cincinnati has one of the oldest and most respected choral traditions in the United States.  People here love to sing, eat great food, and drink in interesting places, so why not combine it all?  YPCC brings young, energetic people together to create quality choral music and connect in a low-pressure, social environment.  YPCC also supports local businesses through post-rehearsal (Tuesday nights) dinners & drinks, as well as scheduling rehearsals and concerts in unique downtown venues.  Most importantly, YPCC strives to connect singers and audiences to great choral music through innovative performances and diverse repertoire.

Next Concerts:


Long Live Song
Wednesday, May 23
Old St. Mary's Church
7:30 p.m. Concert
$25 adult tickets, $15 child tickets


Singing gives us life. It lifts us up, it lets us give voice to our dreams, fears and hopes, and it allows us to express our feelings about how we and others live. Our voices are part of who we are, and they remain at the core of our being throughout our time in this world. YPCC is proud to share the stage with singers from Cincinnati Boychoir and the Cincinnati Symphony's Classical Roots Choir. Join us as we raise our voices together to present an impactful program that showcases the depth, diversity and deep feelings that choral music can create.


Saturday, June 2
Centennial Chapel at Christ Church Cathedral
4:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. (two performances)
$20 adult tickets (only 75 tickets available per performance), $10 child tickets


Mosaic will explore difference perspectives on the four universal themes of dance, faith, love, and nature. The repertoire is drawn from all corners of the world including the South Pacific, England, Russia, Brazil, and the United States, and features a variety of languages, colors, and even animal sounds to show how different traditions and cultures express these themes. We invite you to join us as we present a unique and beautiful mosaic of global music.


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